Environmental stewardship by designCONSTRUCTION WASTE

Sprung structures, by design, are environmentally-friendly. Each structure arrives at our client's site prefabricated. This eliminates the substantial waste associated with conventional construction - where typically 3.9 lbs pounds of waste goes to a landfill, for each square foot of finished space.


While our product's distinct qualities are immediately apparent, we truly excel as our customer's needs change in the future: Sprung structures are designed to be adapted and reused. Your structure may be disassembled, reconfigured or expanded and relocated for another application. No demolition is required and no waste goes to the landfill. As a fast, reliable alternative to conventional construction, a Sprung structure dramatically reduces construction timelines.


Sprung's business commitment is to high quality, long lasting products-rather than those designed for short term use and disposal. Therefore, we use extruded aluminum frames which are 100 percent recyclable with no loss of quality. Aluminum does not rust, is inherently strong and lightweight. With exceptional long-life expectancy our aluminum substructure may be repeatedly reused. Our highest quality membrane includes a DuPontT TedlarŽ PVF Film, the most technically advanced product of its kind, with incomparable resilience and long life.


Sprung structures are energy efficient and provide significantly higher R values than typical conventional construction. Exceptionally airtight, they minimize heat or cooling loss. We utilize Johns Manville Formaldehyde-free T 8 inch fiberglass blanket to insulate our structures. A foil backing adds to the efficiency of this superior product and assists in the containment of radiant energy. We incorporate skylights and windows to take advantage of natural light-and reduce power consumption.

Sprung Sports Hall passes energy efficiency tests


Ask us how Sprung may assist your building project in obtaining LEEDŽ certification. Many of the inherent qualities of our structures align with the credits and prerequisites in the LEEDŽ point-based rating system. We have documented aspects of our structures that support your efforts to obtain certification, including: recycled content, energy performance, durability, construction waste management, and deconstructability. Contact us for more information.

Our corporate and manufacturing facilities are located in Sprung structures. We showcase and enjoy the superior qualities and features that make a Sprung structure a sound business, and an environmentally-friendly, building choice. Sprung's environmental care extends beyond our product to include the way we operate our business.

Throughout our organization we are increasing our 'green' awareness and implementing policies and practices that keep the Earth in mind.