The size of the scissorlift depends on the size of structure to be constructed. Scaffolding could be used on smaller structures or where other circumstances warrant. Our contracts department will recommend a specific size of lift.


This lift is also known as a JLG, Snorkel, or Genie lift. Ideally you would want to avoid an articulating boom, and use a straight boom. Again, our Contracts department will recommend a specific size.


We will provide all the dimensions and weights of the articles the crane will be lifting. It will be the responsibility of your sub-contractor providing the crane to determine the recommended crane size and type. Typically a boom length of about 100' is adequate. Structures 100' and wider will require a spreader bar.


The forklift will be used to off-load and move materials around on site. It is usually required only for the first few days of the project.

Air Compressor

This equipment is only required if your Structure has an MR-2 earth anchor package, or in some situations, if the Structure has an insulation package. The compressor must have an output capacity of 120 psi.

Jack Hammer

An 80 lb jack hammer will be required if the above mentioned MR-2 package is required. The jack hammer will be attached to a drive rod (which we provide with the tool set) and used to install the anchors.

Fall Arrest Gear

The fall arrest system is provided to enable 2 members of your crew to work on the outside of the structure. It consists of; five point harnesses, appropriate lanyards, poly-steel safety rope, wire rope, and misc. fasteners. This system was designed to meet or exceed federal O.S.H.A. standards. If the system we employ is not adequate for your organization, you must provide your own safety gear.

Power Supply

You must provide a 110v power supply. If arranged in advance, it may be possible for Sprung Instant Structures to provide a portable generator for sites in remote locations. We may also be able to provide our power tools fitted for 220v operation.


Dunnage is simply blocks of wood. A good size to utilize is 4" x 4" x 24". These will be used during the assembly phase at the beginning of the project.


We will provide all hand tools required to erect the structure.